Where and when will Synergy Hackathon 2024 take place?

The hackathon is hosted by The Green Village, at the TU Delft campus in The Netherlands (Van Den Broekweg 4, 2628 CR Delft). The hackathon runs from Thursday 1st (10:00) until Saturday 3rd of February (16:00). Detailed information on the program of the hackathon will be shared with you after registration.


 I am not a coder, can I still join?

Certainly. Good teams represent a variety of skills and experiences. Business development, UX design, and marketing are just as useful as data science and coding.


What type of support do I get when I join the hackathon?

We will make sure you have everything you need to focus on building solutions. Food, drinks, and snacks will be provided during the entire 3 days of the hackathon from morning until evening. We will provide online team collaboration boards and in-depth challenge briefings a week before the hackathon. You will have the chance to present your solution to decision makers of the Challenge Owner and partner organizations on the 3rd day of the hackathon. At the Green Village, there will be a co-creation space and a relaxation space to accommodate all your needs.


Can I register as an individual or do I need to have a team?

If you sign up as an individual, we will help you join or set up a team. You can also look for team members on our platform Discord. In the dedicated channel – #find-a-team – you can post a message where you introduce yourself and what you are planning to build at the hackathon; or introduce your team and which skills you are missing now.


What happens after the hackathon?

The hackathon is not the end, it’s only the beginning of a journey. At the hackathon, you will not only build a solution to a challenge but also form an entire ecosystem of stakeholders around you who are ready to contribute and take your solution forward. To facilitate the implementation of developed solutions, we will host a post-hackathon event in March and April 2024. More information about these events will be posted on our channels and the website.


What are the challenges?

Please find the challenges on the challenge page. If you have any further questions about the challenges, please get in touch with us on Discord.


Is the hackathon a competition and is there prize money?

No, the hackathon is focused on enabling collaboration between individuals, teams, challenge owners, and partners, as well as experts. That’s why we encourage you to collaborate with other teams and get more stakeholders involved in your solution ecosystem. Your incentive to join should be to be part of the protagonists that build the future of energy. Whether it is to kickstart a new idea, venture, or career, or accelerate the implementation of your solution.


How can I prepare?

We will share challenge briefings with all participants including in-depth information on the challenges and aligned cases. Practical information will also be shared after registration in the week before the event. If you can, join one of our pre-events (for example on the 11th of January).


What content can I use to invite other people in my network to join the hackathon?

You can find a media kit here. This kit includes texts, flyers, and logos.

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